Google has released a new Street View app to accompany its Maps app. Users are still able to view Street View from within Maps, but the separate Street View app offers a variety of additional functionality. Users can view view images and collections from around the world and add their own images.

The new app recognizes that Street View imagery can be interesting in itself, rather than just part of navigation. Users are still presented with a map around which they can pan, zoom and access street-level imagery, but it also gives you suggestions of other places you can browse. Less a practical part of your journey, more just for fun.

Finally, the app allows users to contribute the familiar Street View spherical content as well. It's possible to connect to compatible spherical cameras such as the Ricoh Theta S or NCTech iris360 to shoot content, or do so using the app itself (using the Photo Sphere method that's been around since Android 4.2).

The Street View app is available now for both Android and iOS.

Source: Google

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