Have you ever jumped out of plane with a GoPro camera attached to your helmet and wondered, as you hurtle to Earth, what the resulting video will look like? Well, if you have, you've got your priorities all wrong, but you could also be in luck after GoPro launched an iOS app which gives you live preview and full control over the camera's settings.

Designed to let users activate and control their GoPro camera when it's otherwise inaccessible – such as if it's attached to the front of a car rather than the aforementioned skydiving scenario – the GoPro app was first announced back in June when we saw the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac and Remote, but it's only now made it to the App Store … and the promised Android version is still "coming soon."

Requiring a HD HERO2 camera and Wi-Fi BacPac, the GoPro app gives full control of the camera's settings, including power, starting and stopping recording as well as switching between modes and recording options, all on the screen of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. There's also live scene-preview, which can be used before and during video recording or photo capture.

Other features of the GoPro app include the ability to monitor camera vitals, such as battery life or how much space is left on your camera’s SD card, and access to the daily GoPro “Photo of the Day” and “Video of the Day” updates.

A software update, which is required before using the GoPro App, also brings Protune, a professional video mode, to the HD HERO2 camera. This includes higher data rates, higher dynamic range, neutral color, and support for 24 fps (frames per second) video capture.

Subsequent releases of the GoPro App will add streaming playback of videos and photos from the HD HERO2 to a smart device and sharing of content direct to the usual array of social networks. The ability to control multiple cameras, and stream live video to the web are also promised.

The below video from GoProTutorials shows off the GoPro app.

Source: GoPro

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