It's no secret that the launch of GoPro's Karma drone didn't exactly go to plan, with the company quickly recalling thousands of the highly anticipated aircraft due to a few instances of power failure. The company is now looking to jump back on the flying horse, announcing plans to re-release the drone later in the year.

The action camera company is showing off its Karma drone at CES this week, which does seem a bit odd considering it was pulled from the market in November after a number of them tumbled from the sky mid-flight. There are more than a few unnerving examples of this floating around on YouTube.

The company tried to steady the ship with the separate launch of the Karma Grip, a stabilizer that Karma owners could detach from their drone and use as a handheld camera stabilizer for their GoPro, though the drone itself has remained off limits.

But GoPro isn't ready to write off its foray in camera drones as a complete failure just yet. It says it has pinpointed the source of the problem: a mechanical issue relating to how the drone's battery is secured. It is now carrying out testing and will give another update in February, ahead of a global relaunch later in the year.

Source: GoPro

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