For every GoPro strapped to a kid's head as they skate down the sidewalk at 2 mph, there's someone out there capturing incredible vision in far-flung places. With its new Seeker backpack, and the two bike mounts launched alongside it, GoPro is looking to make it easier for amateur and professional adventurers alike to take their action cams with them.

Seeker Backpack

There's no shortage of outdoor adventure backpacks on the market, but none can claim to integrate GoPro mounts into its design so effectively. There are three mounts built into the Seeker's design, in the places most people would otherwise try and mix-and-match their own mounts to achieve the same effect.

On the front, there's a chest mount and shoulder strap to capture footage in the same direction the wearer is traveling, and an optional three-way side mount opens the door for interesting elevated shots over the shoulder, facing to the side or behind the backpack wearer.

Although GoPros are designed to be rugged and long-lasting, the 16-liter (4.2 US gal) interior is designed to keep your cameras, cards and mounts safe. The bottom compartment can hold five GoPros in their waterproof housings, and there's room for a 2-liter (0.5 US gal) hydration bladder in there as well.

To top it all off, the bag is water-resistant. Pricing starts at US$169.99 (£149.99 in UK).

Pro Bike Mounts

Made of aluminum, both of GoPro's new bike mounts are designed to offer unique perspectives on your ride without adding too much weight. The seat rail mount is fairly self-explanatory, attaching to the bottom of a saddle for a rear-facing perspective on your ride.

The Pro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount is slightly more versatile, attaching to cylinders between 22.2 and 35 mm in diameter. Thanks to a rotational platform, users can tweak their angle depending on where the camera is mounted.

You'll pay $59.99 for the Pro Handlebar Mount, and $39.99 for the seat rail mount.

Source: GoPro

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