With its Gorilla Glass already protecting the screens of many major smartphones, Corning has turned its sights to the wearables market. Gorilla Glass SR+ is designed to protect from the kinds of bumps and scrapes that smartwatches are likely to be exposed to, while keeping the display clear and responsive.

The recently unveiled Gorilla Glass 5 can apparently survive a 5-foot fall, but by virtue of being strapped to your wrist, that's not so much of an issue for wearables. Instead, Corning has focussed on coping with day-to-day wear and tear while reducing visible scratches for the new glass composite in SR+.

The company says that lab tests show that the SR+ has scratch resistance comparable to (unspecified) "alternative luxury cover materials," and performs up to 70 percent better at resisting impact damage. Corning's also claims the glass has 25 percent better surface reflection than those same alternatives, which should make the display easier to read outdoors.

Gorilla Glass SR+ is commercially available now, and Corning expects it to be incorporated into "leading global brands" by the end of the year.