GPS enabled X-Plore.XGX gloves keep track on the slopes

GPS enabled X-Plore.XGX gloves...
The GPS-enabled X-Plore.XGX gloves from Zanier
The GPS-enabled X-Plore.XGX gloves from Zanier
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The GPS-enabled X-Plore.XGX gloves from Zanier
The GPS-enabled X-Plore.XGX gloves from Zanier

For powder hounds looking for a convenient way to keep track of the best runs down the mountain winter sports accessories manufacturer Zanier has announced the X-Plore.XGX – the first glove with full GPS functionality. Aside from making sure skiers won’t lose that gnarly stash of powder or get lost, the GPS enabled gloves also record altitude, speed, distance, duration and other route data for upload to the web once back at the ski lodge.

While on the mountain skiers can check their on-slope stats via a small, monochrome display on the glove’s thumb. Then, when they return to the lodge they can connect the gloves to a PC via a USB cable and upload the data using the supplied software for displaying their route and on-slope performance on the web. The glove is controlled by buttons on the back, while power is supplied from an integrated lithium-ion battery.

The X-Plore.XGX gloves are made with Gore-Tex X-Trafit technology to provide optimal grip, comfort and warmth and are supplied with a USB stick, USB cable and lithium-ion battery. There is no announcement from Zanier regarding price as yet but the gloves are part of its 2010/11 line, so we expect them to be available sometime later this year.

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