Flat-pack furniture can be a pain to build and is not always very durable. Greycork wants to change this by delivering furniture to your door that can be assembled quickly with a sturdy end-product. Its living room set includes a sofa, chaise, coffee table, side table and bookshelf.

The principle of simplicity that underpins the Greycork approach is similar to that of the Room in a Box set by Our Paper Life. That too was designed to provide a full room's furniture that could be assembled quickly. Whereas the Room in a Box furniture is made of cardboard, however, Greycork says it uses high quality materials, such as ash wood. Cushions comprise a mixture of firm foam, soft foam and polyester to ensure that they are both supportive and soft.

Each of Greycork's pieces can be put together in less than 4 minutes without the need for any tools. The wooden pieces can typically be either screwed or slotted together, with thumb nuts used to secure them if needed.

The furniture is said to be similarly straightforward to disassemble in the event that it needs to be moved. Greycork says that the small number of parts involved minimizes the risk of losing anything during disassembly and reassembly, with structural integrity reported not to be comprised should this need to be undertaken.

Consideration has also been given to how manageable the packaged furniture will be when it arrives at the customer's home. The boxes in which the furniture pieces are packaged have been designed to fit under standard doorway heights and into elevators.

Greycork expects to retail a full living room set, which takes 20 minutes to assemble, for US$1,130, which it says is cheaper and quicker than a comparable Ikea set. But the Greycork furniture is not yet on the market.

An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is currently underway to get the range into production, where a full living room set is available at a pledge level of $1,000 or more. Assuming all goes to plan with the campaign and roll-out, shipping is expected to start in December.

The video below is the Indiegogo pitch for Greycork.

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