The numerous guitar amplifier simulators and digital effects now available via apps for the iPad are a great way to play around with different sounds and setups in a portable and relatively inexpensive format. But having to tap the screen to change effects or tweak presets while playing is, at best, awkward. Help is at hand from Griffin Technology, which has partnered with the Frontier Design Group to develop a multi-function foot controller for guitar effects on the iPad. The StompBox has been optimized for use with the iShred LIVE amp simulation and effects app and can be used to switch between up to four effects or control features such as the metronome or tuner.

Griffin says that there's hardly a feature or parameter in iShred LIVE that can't be assigned to, and controlled by, the StompBox's four foot switches. The portable, programmable effects board and practice rig comes with a 3 foot heavy duty cable for connection to a compatible iOS device, such as an iPad or iPhone 4, and also sports a jack input for plugging in such things as an expression or wah pedal.

The Frontier Design Group has given its iShred LIVE app a few device-specific updates to help launch the product in style. The free download includes a built-in tuner, metronome, preset slots to store sounds, a music looper, an amp simulator and some effects. More effects can be added via the app's own store.

The StompBox has been penciled in for release during the first quarter of 2011 at a cost of US$99.99 and comes shipped with a Griffin GuitarConnect Cable to plug your instrument into the iOS device.

Griffin has also announced an iPad microphone stand mount with four rubber-lined grips to hold the iPad securely on all four corners without blocking the controls. The Mic Stand Mount for iPad rotates and locks in a horizontal or vertical orientation and has a 90 degree forward tilt. It's available this month for US$39.99.

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