For most people at this time of year, a giant wearable camera would not be the first design to spring to mind when the invite arrives for the neighborhood Halloween party. Leaving the ghoulish and monstrous creations to other party-goers, photographer Tyler Card's amazing costume isn't just capable of capturing images of the party in full swing, it will also display the photos in real time on the LCD display at the back.

With creative assistance from his roommate Adam Barr, the young photographer has constructed the camera costume's chassis and flash housing from cardboard, taped all the pieces together, painted the outer shell black and added some DSLR-like buttons and branding. A working Nikon D500 DSLR camera has then been positioned inside the costume, at the back of a huge plastic bucket with a transparent plexiglass disc covering the mouth of the faux lens.

The LCD screen from an old Dell laptop is used to display any images taken with the camera, which is activated by a huge external shutter release button to the front of the costume. The creation also has a built-in flash, and is said to be capable of wirelessly triggering the photographer's strobes.

Update: Tyler Card has just posted detailed instructions on how to build your own version of his costume - have a look.

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