While hammocks can certainly be comfortable option for campers, many will quickly miss the flat, supportive surface of their beds at home and may even opt to forgo the hammock for a night on the ground. The new Hammock Bliss Sky Bed uses a unique design intended to make suspended sleeping more comfortable.

Hammock Bliss creates a flatter surface for sleeping, more similar to a bed or camping mat. It calls the Sky Bed the world's first truly flat two-point hammock and uses an asymmetric design to provide the flat surface for campers to lie down on. The Sky Bed includes a built-in sleeping pad sleeve, which accommodates both foam and inflated pads to add insulation and support.

The Sky Bed is made from ripstop nylon reinforced at the seams with webbing. An integrated bag serves as both carry sack and a flashlight/gear holder at camp. The entire Sky Bed weighs 23 oz (652 g), which includes 100 in (2.5 m) of integrated hanging rope on each end.

Hammock Bliss introduced the Sky Bed last week. It is available now for US$94.95.

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