Style may not seem like a priority in many travel trailer and caravan designs, but the HC1 from Happier Camper has oodles of both functionality and personality, combining a highly versatile modular interior with a rather eye-catching vintage look.

The HC1 design incorporates an "Adaptiv" interior made up of six base components – a bench, kitchenette, table, cushion, floor panel and lid. The components are slotted into place on a Lego-like floor to create a variety of interior layouts, or can be used as outdoor furniture.

Possible interior layouts include leaving the trailer empty for haulage, a bed and kitchenette combo for camping, a kitchen-only setup for commercial catering or a "mega bed" setup that can sleep up to five people.

Other accessories include a Bose sound system, built-in USB and AC power sockets and a tablet docking station. The HC1 also features a 100 W solar panel for generating power, a heated shower, an awning and optional outdoor lighting.

The trailer itself is designed to be lightweight and weighs in at just 1,100 lb (500 kg). This means it can be towed by a wide variety of cars and helps to minimize additional fuel usage. To keep the weight down, the shell is made of fiberglass, as is the modular furniture.

At 13 ft long (4 m) and just under 7 ft (2.1 m) wide, the HC1 will fit into a standard single parking space. There is just over 6 ft of headroom inside the trailer and 42 sq ft of walkable floor space. Access to the HC1 is via a side door or a large hatch at the rear. Windows on each side allow plenty of light in, whilst snap-down blinds offer privacy.

The HC1, which is reminiscent of the old VW Camper Van with its half-and-half color scheme, rounded edges and beveled wheel flares and taillights, has been designed over the course of five years. It is currently at prototype stage and Happier Camper says final refinements to the design are being made.

The base model will cost US$13,950 in the US, and there are plans to roll-out of the HC1 to Europe and Asia next year. A new HC1 website is due to launch next month.

The video below shows the versatility of the the HC1's modular interior.

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