Hasselblad has announced the new H5X medium-format system, which it will show off at Photokina next week, alongside its H5D-50c. The new camera body will allow photographers to use H System lenses and benefit from H5 capabilities, whether they currently have older Hasselblad backs, third party digital backs, or are still film shooters.

Based on the H5D range, the H5X is primarily intended as an upgrade for H1, H2, H2F and H4X photographers. However, it could also act as a solid backup for H5D users. It's also compatible with a number of third party digital backs from the likes of Phase One and Mamiya Leaf, along with film magazines.

The H5X takes Hasselblad HC and HCD lenses, of which there a wide selection covering a range of focal lengths. With an optional lens adapter, it can also use most C-type lenses from the V system. Automatic focusing is available, and the H5X makes use of Hasselblad's True Focus system feature which helps it compensate for focus shift when re-composing shots.

There are a number of viewfinder options for the H5X. The eye-level HVD 90X is optimized for the the digital sensor size of 36 x 48 mm, while the HV 90X-II is designed for film shooters and 40.2 × 53.7 mm format, and covers the full area of the HC lens line. There's also the optional HVM waist-level viewfinder, which could be good for those who like to shoot from the hip.

The styling of the H5X is similar to the H5D, and it measures 144 x 110 x 88mm (5.6 x 4.3 x 3.5 in) while weighing in at 830 g (22 oz). It features LCD dot-matrix displays built into the grip and in the viewfinder, and eight memory banks are available for camera presets. There are also programmable button options available when using it with a H5D sensor unit, although unfortunately not with third party backs.

The H5X will set you back €4,600 (around US$5,950) without viewfinder, or €5,800 ($7,490) with viewfinder.

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