When we were introduced to HeadFoams headphones earlier this year, it was as a kid-centric product which promised to survive whatever your little ones could throw at them. But now accident-prone adults can also get in on the nearly-indestructible headphone action with the release of HeadFoams Pro, an adult-sized version, which also promises grown-up audio quality.

The new HeadFoams Pro headphones retain the soft and bendy EVA foam body of the originals, which made them comfortable to wear while at the same time nearly impossible to accidentally break. The EVA foam is non-toxic, BPA-free and shatterproof, and the same material that's used in synthetic wine corks and Crocs shoes.

However, as the original HeadFoams had been specifically designed for kids, there were a few things that their maker, Marblue, needed to change. As such, the new larger cans – which are said to comfortably fit over the head of teenagers and adults – also include an in-cord microphone and controls for taking calls and music control.

The volume-limiter, which was used in the original HeadFoams to protect little ears, has been removed and the restrained headphones are now said to deliver high-quality audio.

One thing that hasn't changed is the bright colors the headphones come in. Three color options include black with red details, purple with pink accents, and neon green with blue details.

Due to be released in time for the holidays, HeadFoams Pro headphones will sell for US$30.

Source: Marblue

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