While many of us buy stands in order to raise our computer monitors to eye level, most of those come preset to a certain height. The HiRise for iMac, however, which incorporates the base of any size of iMac or other Apple display, allows users to choose from six different height settings.

The HiRise is made from aluminum and steel, and features an internal support shelf that the iMac’s pedestal base rests on. That shelf can be mounted on one of six sets of support slots within the HiRise, depending on how high the user wants their computer to sit. While it’s hard to tell from the pictures, it looks like taller users might not find the highest setting to be sufficient.

The space beneath the shelf can be used to store things like keys, cables, or a back-up hard drive. Magnetically-held perforated front and rear faceplates cover the inside of the HiRise while still allowing for some ventilation, along with easy access to the doo-dads stored inside.

Two Teflon rails on the bottom of the stand help keep it from getting scratched up.

The HiRise for iMac is made by South Carolina-based Twelve South, and is available now for US$79.99.

Source: Twelve South

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