According to analytics company IHS, most televisions in the world over 50 inches will be Ultra High Definition by the end of next year. Many of those will have LCD panels, but China's Hisense believes lasers are better. The company has today debuted a 100-inch 4K laser projection TV that's reported to be significantly cheaper than equivalent-sized 4K LCD televisions.

Laser projection entertainment systems rely on laser diodes as a light source, often pairing the technology with a short throw projector. That was certainly the case with LG's HD laser projector from 2013, though that model could only manage 1080p at 100 inches.

The Hisense wide-angle laser cinema system, which is claimed to be a world's first, is reported to make use of 217 patented technologies alongside a high-resolution lens and optical engines to create a projector capable of delivering the 4K UHD resolution.

The reason Hisense unveiled its new projection system in Paris on the eve of the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer final this week has to do with big screen UHD TVs, specifically the cost of them. According to the company, 100-inch 4K LCD televisions can typically hit around US$90,000 per unit, no easy cost if you feel like installing a massive bright cinema screen in your home. The laser projection entertainment system from Hisense is being pitched at the $10,000 mark.

Though we have a price, we don't have any availability information. The good money is on availability sometime around IFA in early September, but here's hoping Hisense's unveiling now means a release is even closer.

Source: Hisense