Merge VR, maker of the kid-friendly Merge VR mobile headset, unveiled the first product in its upcoming line of augmented reality accessories yesterday at CES. The HoloCube is an interactive holographic toy for use with AR-supporting mobile headsets. Wearers can hold HoloCube and watch it transform into different virtual objects in the palm of their hand.

On its own, the HoloCube is a simple foam cube decked out in techie patterns that look borrowed from the movie Tron. But once the goggles are on, it transforms into fantasy objects that you can turn, flip and examine with your own hands.

According to company reps, the HoloCube can be used for games, experiences and educational purposes. In our brief demo on the CES floor, we watched as the cube transformed into an anatomically correct heart and skull, a Pac-Man-like game and miniature cube-bound worlds.

Merge VR has not announced an official launch date or price for the HoloCube, but representatives say it will be affordable, in keeping with the US$60 price point for the Merge VR headset and mobile VR in general.

At CES, Merge VR also unveiled new colors for its namesake headset, which already stood out for its vivid purple color and unique foam rubber build. The introduction of several new shocking colors and the HoloCube interactive toy cements its status as the most playful approach to mobile VR that we have seen.

Source: Merge VR

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