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Acer unveils shapely portable projector with useful auto-portrait mode

Acer unveils shapely portable ...
Acer launched the C250i portable projector at IFA 2019 in Berlin, Germany
Acer launched the C250i portable projector at IFA 2019 in Berlin, Germany
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The LED projection module used in the Acer C250i portable projector is reported good for up to 30,000 hours
Acer launched the C250i portable projector at IFA 2019 in Berlin, Germany
The Acer C250i portable projector has a 5 hour battery and is capable of throwing Full HD images
The Acer C250i portable projector has built-in Bluetooth speakers, can be connected to a source device wired or wirelessly, and features an auto-portrait mode for viewing non-landscape content
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At IFA 2019 in Berlin, Germany, today, Acer pulled back the curtains on the C250i portable LED projector – which has been designed to take content from your smartphone and throw it on a wall "anywhere, anytime." And if the video on your smartphone is in portrait mode, this projector can auto rotate the thrown image so that you can watch it without huge black blocks on either side.

The twisted lines of the cylindrical housing aren't merely for funky aesthetics, but have been made that way so the projector can be positioned to throw on walls or ceilings without needing a stand or tripod. Users can also stand the projector up on its flat base, though you'd need to wirelessly connect it to your iOS or Android smartphone in this mode as the base is home to a bunch of physical ports (including HDMI and USB-C).

You won't need to worry about cabling up powered speakers – though you can do so it you wish – as the projector features its own 5-watt Bluetooth speakers.

The C250i is reported capable of throwing up a 1080p Full HD resolution image with auto keystone correction onboard, though there's no mention of exactly how many diagonal inches you can expect and the dial on the front is suggestive of manual focus rather than auto.

The integrated battery is good for up to 5 hours per charge. The LED projection module puts out 300 ANSI lumens and should be good for up to 30,00 hours, and supports a wide color gamut and has 5,000:1 contrast.

The C250i is due for release in January 2020 for US$489. The video below has more.

Acer C250i Projector | Acer

Source: Acer

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