Canadian firm Honomobo has launched a new range of shipping container-based homes and living spaces. Able to serve as a standalone tiny house, garage suite, or annex/accessory suite, the containers come in various sizes and can be outfitted with solar power and upgraded insulation.

Honomobo currently offers three models. The smallest, H01, is based on a single shipping container and has a total floorspace of 144 sq ft (13 sq m). Conceived as an additional bedroom that could be installed in the garden, it features a bedroom and bathroom. The cost comes in at US$38,801, plus taxes and shipping (but including installation).

Moving up in size, the H02 comprises two shipping containers joined together. The interior measures 352 sq ft (32.7 sq m), which is split between a lounge, kitchen area, bedroom and bathroom. This model fetches $78,646.

The firm's largest two models, the H03 and H04, measure 528 sq ft (50 sq m) and 640 sq ft (60 sq m), respectively, with the former costing $102,743 and the latter costing $120,136. This largest model includes two bedrooms, with a relatively generous kitchen/bathroom area and bathroom.

Honomobo says its homes are flexible and can be situated either on the ground or atop an existing structure like a garage, perhaps adding an annex or accessory suite for an existing home.

The firm also says several units could be joined together to create a multi-container stackable unit. Each of the homes (except arguably the H01, given its size) features ample window space, double-glazed as standard (which can be upgraded to triple-glazed).

Honomobo's insulation is rated at R20 for the walls and R40 for the roof, though this can be upgraded to R40 and R60 at cost. In addition, the containers come outfitted with electric heating but can also be upgraded to an energy-efficient air-source heat pump and air-source hot water tank package.

Solar power can also be installed and the firm will work with an engineer to ensure it meets the needs of those using it. Delivery is given as 10 weeks from order.

Source: Honomobo

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