Listening to the right song at the right time can be a great way to relax for humans, but the benefits of music as a relaxation tool don't stop there - at least, that's what the team at HorseCom would have you believe. Using a specially designed headset, the company says it can help keep nervous horses calm through the power of music.

It doesn't take a horse whisperer to work out regular human headphones are utterly useless to our equine friends. Forget about fancy noise cancelling or punchy bass, simply designing a device to fit equine ears hasn't really been done before.

To solve the problem, HorseCom uses a Bluetooth receiver and a special mesh bonnet to share tunes with ponies and horses of most sizes. Because horses aren't able to tell the rider when the volume is getting too loud, the company consulted with vets and ethologists to work out a predetermined cap.

Music isn't the only thing that can be played through the HorseCom unit, with riders wearing the compatible RCom headset able to speak directly to their steed. The headset also lets riders answer phone calls on the move, like a version of the Sena 20S for four-legged transport.

The HorseCom is controlled using an iOS and Android app, which connects users up with a community of riders and their training tips or playlists. The HorseCom site even offers music tailor-made for different paces, from relaxation to walking, trotting and cantering, with new music for your horse playlist added every month.

"Two years of scientific studies have proven that horseCom leverages the effectiveness of Music to improve horses' wellness, ease their recovery and lower the negative impact of stressful situations," says Philippe Benoît, a former veterinarian of the French Show Jumping Team from 1993 to 2000 and now a member of the HorseCom scientific team.

If your horse is stressed and you think music could help, the HorseCom is currently available for preorder in the USA, and already on sale in France.

Check out the HorseCom in action below.

Source: HorseCom

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