Studio Edwards recently completed an interesting take on the shipping container house with this project in Wye River, Victoria. Dubbed House 28, the home is used as a weekend retreat and features a green roof and rainwater collection system.

The Melbourne, Australia-based firm's House 28 comprises three 20 ft (6.1 m)-long shipping containers connected together. The exterior is covered in insulation and clad in galvanized steel sheeting, lending it a distinctive appearance.

The home juts out from a hillside on steel stilts and its northern-facing facade has fixings attached for plants to grow. The idea is to encourage native vegetation to grow over the exterior of the home and partly cover it in greenery. Additionally, a green roof with local plants has been installed.

Inside, the containers are finished in marine-grade plywood. The look is simple and utilitarian, which isn't a bad fit for a container house. A pair of joined containers serve as the main living space, which includes a couch, toilet, laundry room, and entry area. A small kitchenette contains an oven, cooktop, washing machine, kitchen sink, and fridge, while heat comes from a wood-burning stove.

The third container is home to two bedrooms, both opening onto a deck area. They share access to a second bathroom with toilet and shower, too.

House 28 gets drinking water from a rainwater collection and filtration system, while water for irrigation comes from a septic tank and treatment system buried underground. The firm told us that it did consider adding solar panels for electricity too, but went for a grid-based electricity hookup as it's more affordable.

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