The aptly-named House behind the Roof is defined by its sizable green roof, which provides it with privacy from passing traffic and neighbors. The home was also designed with a focus on energy-efficiency, and reduces its grid-based electricity use with solar panels.

The House behind the Roof measures 189 sq m (2,034 sq ft), spread over two floors. It's located in a suburban estate in Krakow, Poland, consisting of 10 homes that are relatively densely grouped together. The idea is that by hiding the north-facing part of the house behind the roof (and adding no windows), its interior won't be visible, either from the adjacent road, or from neighbors located to the north. The design was also influenced by planning regulations.

"The green roof has a 45-degree slope," explains architects Superhelix Pracownia Projektowa. "It would be easier to design a traditional flat green roof, but local building law did not allow that – the roof had to be sloped. This solution was much more expensive, although the green roof surface significantly exceeded the area occupied by the building. Therefore, it can be said that what has been taken from nature has been given back with interest."

The green roof is covered in drought-resistant greenery and won't require any watering. The south-facing side of the home, meanwhile, hosts a large solar panel array and is far more open, with generous glazing framing the landscape. The windows are arranged to maximize natural ventilation and lighting inside.

Disappointingly – though perhaps fittingly, given the privacy of the home's design – there are no images of the interior available, but the home's ground floor includes a living room, kitchen and a large dining area, as well as a guest room, bathroom and utility rooms.

The upstairs hosts a pair of kid's rooms, a playroom, and a master bedroom. Superhelix Pracownia Projektowa says that local public transport links are very poor so the firm integrated a garage into the home, too.

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