When HTC unveiled its new flagship U11 smartphone last month, the most interesting feature was a so-called Edge Sense technology that basically lets you squeeze the device to perform certain actions. The company is continuing to build out this feature, and today released a little video hinting at what it has in store.

Edge Sense serves as basically another input method for the smartphone, should you find yourself – you know – fed up with the terribly cumbersome touchscreen and buttons. The company touted it as an easier way to do things like snap photos or open Google Assistant, which can be handled by squeezing the pressure-sensitive areas around the phone's edges.

In a video released today, HTC has expanded on this functionality a little. Want to zoom in on Google Maps? Give it a squeeze. Zoom in on something in a photo? Have a squeeze. Ready to zoom back out? Squeeze. Want to answer the phone, silence an alarm or hang up on a call? You guessed it, squeeze away my friend.

It must be said, when it comes to points of difference for a smartphone, Edge Sense does have a distinctly gimmicky feel to it. These newly revealed features don't do much to change that, but then again, maybe it is something that could become intuitive and practical the more you squeeze? You can check out the video below.

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