The range of gadgets capable of stereoscopic glasses-free 3D viewing is slowly increasing, with the LG Optimus 3D, Sharp Aquos SH-12C and Nintendo 3DS gaming console already on the market. HTC has now announced that its first glasses-free 3D smartphone, the HTC EVO 3D, will be available in Europe in July. Unveiled in March 2011 and introduced in the U.S. by Sprint on June 24, the EVO 3D features a stereoscopic 3D display, allowing users to view three-dimensional images without glasses, plus the phone is able to capture pictures in 3D.

The Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) handset features a large 4.3-inch qHD 960x540 pixel screen, that is capable of displaying 3D images, videos and games, plus a dual-lens camera capable of capturing 3D images with up to 2 megapixel resolution and 2D/3D HD (720p) 30 fps video recording coupled with stereo sound. A 2D/3D camera mode switch lets users choose between formats. Some image editing features are also included, one of them allowing you to "add a new creative perspective to your images with Tiltshift Effect - selectively blurring parts of the scene to give subjects the impression of scale models," according to HTC.

The smartphone features a refreshed HTC Sense interface, which now offers 3D menus and a customizable active lockscreen, which allows real-time viewing of the chosen content or apps (browser, photos, social network feeds, etc.). The lockscreen thus becomes a "customizable gateway that lets you instantly jump to your favourite applications with just one gesture," HTC says. The phone's distinctive weather app is also 3D-upgraded, featuring some new 3D animations.

The EVO 3D is powered via a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, working along with 1GB of RAM. The American version is also WiMAX-enabled, whereas European customers will stick to 3G and WiFi wireless connections. There is also DLNA wireless media streaming available, and HDMI support (through an adapter).

The HTC EVO 3D is Sprint-exclusive in the U.S. and is priced at US$199 with Sprint's two-year service agreement. Vodafone UK has already confirmed that it will offer the handset, though there are no details regarding European pricing yet.

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