Hushamok: a stylish, snug and safe baby bed

Hushamok: a stylish, snug and safe baby bed
The Hushamok hammock
The Hushamok hammock
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The Hushamok hammock
The Hushamok hammock

August 17, 2008 Ahh parenthood, how can something so wonderful be so frightening at the same time... wonderful that you can finally hold your precious baby in your arms, frightening because you are responsible for making sure your baby is free from harm. One of the greatest fears is whether your child will be safe whilst they are asleep and many parents could tell you they have spent countless hours worrying about the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The American SIDS Institute has a number of recommendations to reduce the risk of SIDS including putting your baby to sleep on its back rather than their stomach or side.

The Hushamok hammock gives new parents the best of both worlds. It is not just an unusual and stylish piece of furniture for the nursery; it is also designed to enable your baby to sleep safely and soundly on their back during those vital early years of life.

The design of Hushamok is certainly something to look at; the stylish stand would be at home in any room and is available in lightweight aluminum, sustainable European beech or lightweight steel. The hammock is made of 100% organic cotton, is machine-washable and comes in a dazzling array of colors including bright green, orange and pink. A unique feature is the patented leaf spring which connects the hammock to the stand and once baby is inside, gently sways with a natural motion to help lull baby into the land of nod.

Other design elements of the Hushamok include a slight elevation at head level which helps to prevent acid reflux and the snug design together with the gentle swaying motion of the hammock may help prevent colic in some babies. Flat-head syndrome can also be avoided by putting babies to sleep on their backs.

The mattress is filled with hypoallergenic polyester and is designed to fit firmly in place and each hammock comes with two matching sheets made from 400-thread count cotton. A travel bag is included so you can take your baby’s bed with you on vacation or over-night trips and a 100% lamb underlay can be purchased separately.


  • Baby hammock with sheet and leaf spring: 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg)
  • Experience stand: 18 pounds (8.2 kg)
  • 40”wide x 53”high x 40”deep (101.6 cm x 134.6 cm x 101.6 cm)
  • In the US, Hushamok baby hammock is recommended for children up to 22 pounds/10 kg. In Europe, the hammock is recommended for children up to 20 pounds/9 kg

Retailers can be found at Hushamok and prices start at USD$429 (at time of publication). Given how sleep-deprived new parents are, it’s a pity there are no plans to make one for the grown-ups in the house.

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