The Sanho Corporation has announced a new iPad-specific addition to its HyperMac battery solutions. Apple's tablet computer can be placed into one of two angled slots on top of the HyperMac Stand which create the perfect angle for movie viewing or for eBook reading. The stand also serves to extend iPad enjoyment by adding another 16 hours to its battery life.

The HyperMac Stand features a slot at each end, one angled at 18-degrees to provide a good movie watching angle, and the other at 45-degrees for user interaction such as surfing the web or reading an eBook. Each slot has been specially treated with a soft-touch rubberized coating to help protect the iPad from scuffing and will take Apple's tablet in either landscape or portrait orientation. The slots can even accommodate an iPad which has been encased in a protective covering of its own.

The Stand also incorporates a 40-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery which powers the iPad courtesy of a 10W USB port and should extend its usage by a further 16 hours. Battery charge levels on the device can be checked at any time via the LED indicator and it is recharged via a standard mini USB cable. Pass-through charging/syncing is supported so that the iPad can charge/sync with a computer even when it is connected via the HyperMac Stand.

The HyperMac batteries, which can be recharged around 1,000 times, also benefit the Stand in another way. Sanho's President, Daniel Chin revealed that the portable 6 x 4.2 x 1.1-inch HyperMac Stand uses "the natural weight of the lithium-ion battery cells to provide added stability. The end result is one of the most compact pocket-sized iPad stand available in the market with unsurpassed stability."

The HyperMac Stand is available now for US$129.95

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