Anyone who has ever wanted to use their TV to flick back and forth between their favourite show and their PC content should take note at this interesting innovation to surface at this weeks CES in Las Vegas. The Icron ExtremeLink PC-on-TV platform. The system features two boxes that hook up to a user’s PC and HDMI television respectively, enabling any TV in the home to act as a wireless monitor to their PC, even if they are at opposite ends of the house.

The ExtremeLink system uses a dedicated 5GHz 802.11n connection, with one box connecting to a computer’s video and USB outlets, while the other connects to a television’s audio and video inputs. This second box also features four USB ports, providing a hub for keyboard, mouse or any other USB device. The ExtremeLink system can deliver via USB 2.0, Cat 5 cable or wirelessly up to 100m, and is one of the first to offer complete PC functionality on a TV, with all of a user’s content available to be accessed.

Icron is looking to find partners to make the technology available for the broader market, and believes that a US$299 price tag is viable.

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