Though there are wireless ways to feed a guitar's output signal to an amplifier – including systems from Line 6 and Boss – you'd still have to loop in effects pedals using cables. If you want to interface with a computer or mobile device, Zoom and IK Multimedia can help. The latter's iRig Micro Amp allows bedroom guitarists or street performers to tap into a modeling universe of tone via a built-in digital interface.

The 15 W battery-powered combo amp's integrated USB interface is born of the company's iRig HD 2 technology, and allows for direct connection to an iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. The output signal from the guitar is routed to the iOS device or computer/laptop for processing, before being returned to the 210 x 125 x 155 mm (8.2 x 4.9 x 6.1 in) Micro Amp and output through the 4 inch custom-voiced full-range speaker in 24-bit/96 kHz audio quality.

When plugged into the mains, the 2.6 lb (1.2 kg) Micro Amp outputs up to 15 W RMS, but that's cut in half when running on six AA-sized batteries. IK reckons that players will get around 15 hours of riffing and chopping from six alkaline batteries. And if the built-in speaker is not loud enough for you, then it can be cabled to external speaker cabinets via the 4 ohm output.

Tone can be tweaked on the amp itself using three EQ knobs and gain control, and there are clean, drive and lead analog channels available too. There's an auxiliary input and a headphone output jack for quiet practice.

As well as gaining access to powerful stomp and amp emulation software like IK's AmpliTube, players can launch learning apps, record noodles and jam along to YouTube videos.

The iRig Micro Amp is available now for US$149.99, with a free version of AmpliTube available for download – iPhone and iPad users can look forward to accessing 10 amp sims and 26 digitized stomp effects, while Mac/PC users get nine amps and 10 stomps. The video below has more.

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