iKlip mic stand adapter for iPad

iKlip mic stand adapter for iP...
iKlip mic stand adapter for iPad
iKlip mic stand adapter for iPad
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iKlip mic stand adapter for iPad
iKlip mic stand adapter for iPad
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The iPad is proving to be a useful tool for many different types of musicians who use it in as many different ways, so comfortably integrating it into your on-stage kit makes a lot of sense. The iKlip universal microphone stand adapter for iPad does just that with a fully-adjustable, lightweight design that attaches to almost any microphone stand.

The iKlip has six quick-snap touch points that leave all buttons and ports accessible and promise to hold your precious tablet snuggly without any scratching. It attaches to either the upright or vertical part of a mic stand and can be set-up in portrait or landscape orientation and adjusted to various angles.

The IK Multimedia iKlip ships in December for US$39.99 (ex. tax) .

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Sounds interesting, what would the iPad be used for on stage, backing tracks? It\'s obviously not just for set lists!
This is what I was talking about a several months ago. Musicians at a gig can now use an iPad or others like it to keep not just set lists, but song lyrics available at a touch. No more stumbling through half-remembered words. No more shuffling paper and watching pages blow away during a performance. No more \"I can\'t read my own handwriting!\"
Also, these pad computers will allow musicians (ones with money, anyway) to collaborate on new material easier. You\'ll be able to store full songs, even karaoke recordings, to help work on instrumental and vocal parts. Some of the apps for iPhone even let you sing notes into the device, which then translates your tone into synthesized instruments. These apps must soon be available for iPad, if they aren\'t already.
Pretty useful stuff, if you don\'t mind dropping several hundred bucks on it.
This is a very useful device, the only problem being if you accidentally knock over your microphone stand. Don\'t forget to insure your iPad! At the moment, I use a PDA for my backing tracks, and a small clipboard for lyrics. This is not ideal, because as mentioned, sometimes the separate sheets can get scattered as you try and extract a lyric. A PDA is a bit small to display lyrics, and I haven\'t found a way to make it scroll in time with the singing.On the other hand, the iPad is a bit large.