If you’ve ever stumbled around a room at night trying to find the door, the illumi-knob will strike you as simply brilliant. Designed to fit over most door handles, the device uses a passive infra-red sensor to detect any movement within 10 feet and then turn on two gentle LED light rings. It’s not bright enough to wake anyone, but more than enough to get you safely to - and through - the door.

The illumi-knob’s smart modern design also offers an ancillary benefit by making any doorknob into any easy-to-use lever – ideal for children, the elderly or anyone with limited hand mobility. The silicone rubber sleeve can be adjusted to fit most door handles and won’t interfere with lock or keyhole access.

Made of sturdy ABS plastic (the same sort used in Lego bricks) with a polycarbonate LED lens, the illumi-knob runs on 3 AAA batteries and automatically turns itself off after 10 seconds if it senses no further movement.

Absolutely New says the illumi-knob should start shipping to retailers in Q2 2010 at the surprisingly reasonable price of USD$19.99.