July 28, 2008 According to Fudzilla, Intel’s new quad core 2.33GHz CPU called the Core 2 Quad Q8200 is set for an August 31 release. The CPU has a 1,333MHz FSB, 4MB of cache memory and should be selling at a wholesale price of US$224, which means you’ll have to buy a few thousand or so of the chips if you want them at this price.

That will make the Q8200 the cheapest 45nm quad-core to date with the Q9300 with its 2.5GHz clock and Q9400 with 2.66GHz clock to remain selling at US$266. The price difference between the Q8000 and Q9000 series can be attributed to the omission of VT and TXT technology on the new Q8000 series CPUs. VT is Intel’s virtualization system, which allows multiple virtual systems to run on a single processor, while TXT, which stands for “Trusted Execution Technology”, is Intel’s hardware-based security extension.