Since Polaris revealed that it was shutting down the Victory brand, several announcements relating to the Indian side of the business indicate where the company is now putting its focus. The recent introduction of the Chieftan Limited and the Chieftan Elite is no exception.

While neither bike has any significant mechanical upgrades, and both maintain all of the standard features of the stock Chieftan and Chieftan Dark Horse, there are cosmetic changes worth noting.

Start up front with an open fender on both new models. This is a distinct departure from the valanced fender that has defined the Indian look for decades. The redesigned fender also reveals a 19-inch contrast-cut wheel mated with a 16-inch version out back.

Compare that to the stock Chieftans that have 16-inch wheels front and back. That bigger front wheel and lower overall profile will likely change up the geometry and riding experience that stock Chieftan owners are used to.

Both bikes also feature the Indian Motorcycle script on the brakes and a more streamlined leather saddle.

The Chieftan Elite is the version that really breaks away in terms of overall look. This is a limited edition bike, with only 350 of them available for sale globally. What sets it apart is the paint job. Indian says that each model is hand-painted, taking over 25 hours to complete. As a result, no two bikes will look exactly the same, even though they will all have the same bright red paint color and marble accents.

The Elite also comes with premium accessories like Pathfinder LED headlight and driving lights, a flare windshield, billet driver and passenger floorboards, and a 200-watt premium audio system.

The Chieftan Limited has a list price of US$24,499 and the Chieftan Elite is listed at $31,499.

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