Lighten the load: Infant Cruizer travel system

Lighten the load: Infant Cruiz...
Go-Go Babyz Infant Cruizer travel system
Go-Go Babyz Infant Cruizer travel system
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gogo Kidz Travelmate
gogo Kidz Travelmate
gogo Kidz Travelmate
gogo Kidz Travelmate
Go-Go Babyz Infant Cruizer travel system
Go-Go Babyz Infant Cruizer travel system
Go-Go Babyz Infant Cruizer
Go-Go Babyz Infant Cruizer
Foldable design
Foldable design

January 7, 2007 An invention that parents-on-the-go will love, Go-Go Babyz' unique Infant Cruizer travel system is designed to easily transport your baby without taking him or her out of the car seat. The Infant Cruizer simply attaches to a car seat and turns it into a wheeled pull-cart, reducing the need for a stroller on both short and long-distance trips.

The Infant Cruizer is a convenient accessory for parents who travel with small children. Its compact design, easy push, and car seat compatibility reduce the need to always load-up the stroller and its fold up design and telescoping handle save a significant space compared with full size strollers.

Retailing at USD$199.99, the Infant Cruizer is light (12 lbs or about 5 ½ kilograms) and it’s easy to carry, unfold and secure the car seat. With a fold up design and a telescoping handle it saves a lot of space compared to other strollers. The 12-inch shock-absorbing tires never need air and it has a tilt-back capacity so negotiating curbs and stairs won’t involve lifting.

Canny parents will probably find other uses for the Infant Cruizer on short or long-distance trips to the shopping mall, doctors or the train station.

Go-Go Babyz Corporation plan to release a toddler adapter in early 2008 so when baby grows, parents can simply replace the infant seat adapter. There is also a twins adapter is coming soon.

Parents might still prefer a baby sling for short trips but the Infant Cruizer might save their back and make traveling with infants much more efficient on long-trips.

Infant Cruizer features

  • One handed operation to carry, unfold and secure the cart seat
  • Safe click-n-lock base
  • Certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association (JPMA)


  • Closed Dimensions (handle folded) 26“l x 20“w x 12“h (approx. 66cml x 50cmw x 30cmh)
  • Maximum Open Dimensions (handle Fully Extended) 26“l x 20“w x 46”h (approx. 66cml x 50cmw x 116cmh)
  • Position Handle Extensions 24”h, 36“h, 39”h, 42”h, & 46”h (approx. 61cm, 91cm, 99cm, 107cm, 117cm)

The company also offer the USD$89 gogo Kidz Travelmate based on the same design but with smaller 5-inch razor wheels and lighter at 5 lbs. This lightweight "roller-suitcase" design is particularly suited to negotiating airport travel and given that the FAA recommends children under 40 lbs. be seated in a child car seat in flight, parents may need to take the car-seat anyway.
For car seat compatibility and further details see Go-Go Babyz.

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I bought Go Go Babyz Infant Cruizer Twins Adapter last week for my twins. It is very useful at the time of traveling in airlines and not frustrating too. The Twins Adapter is designed in such a way that the carrier can be navigated easily through narrow doorways. The carrier can be converted into single carrier which allows you to move easily through the tight spaces. It is very easy to install and simple to detach.