For anyone who has ever lamented those clunky USB hubs, there might be a far more elegant solution around the corner. Thanks to clever design student Jiang Gonglue, we might not be too far off from seeing something like this 'Infinite USB' connector, which allows an unlimited* number of devices to plug into one USB port.

The connectors would wisely be color-coded, allowing you to distinguish between your devices. In addition, to combat the inevitable power issues that come with attaching multiple devices to a computer Jiang has also theorized an external power adaptor that would also feature the unique 'infinite USB' head.

Of course this is just a concept for now, but I look forward to the day when I don't have to unplug one device to make room for another.

The designer says that his idea comes from always having his mouse plugged into the same USB port all the time. He thought that it would be convenient if his mouse could provide a port while at the same time occupying one. And if a mouse could do this, why not any USB device?

*Geeky disclaimer in my best nerd voice: Technically, daisy chaining only allows 127 devices to be connected to one USB port. So Mr. Jiang might reconsider renaming it, because 'infinite' is not really accurate. But thoroughly impressive nonetheless!

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