Sit-to-stand desktops typically have a wide base with a hinged upper platform that can be raised or lowered as required. InMovement's new Elevate range, however, takes a different approach. Three of the four models replace the wide base with a single arm or column.

Perhaps the best known sit-to-stand desktops are those made by Varidesk, which follow the classic wide-base design. InMovement's Elevate DT2 takes this approach, and is the widest in the range by some distance, at 41 in (104-cm) across. The other models, though, range between 18 in (46 cm) and 24 in (61 cm), meaning they can capitalize on doing away with the wide-based configuration.

The most basic model in the Elevate range is the DT1, which is designed for use with a single laptop. It comprises a single, jointed swivel arm that is attached to the rear of the user's desk at its base and has a 24 x 14-in (61 x 35-cm) platform at the top. The DT1 can raise the user's laptop by up to 20 in (51 cm) and can hold up to 10 lb (5 kg) in weight. As a result of its single-arm design, the top portion of the DT1 can be rotated 360-degrees, allowing users to show what's on their screen to others around them by swiveling the platform in their direction.

The Elevate DT4 is like a DT1 on steroids. It is available as a single or dual monitor stand and features tiered platforms, with a lower shelf for the user's keyboard. It has a bigger work surface than the DT1, at 22.6 x 14.4 in (57 x 37 cm), and can hold more weight, up to 24 lb (11 kg) or 20 lb (9 kg), for the single or dual monitor setups respectively. The DT4 has slightly less vertical travel than the DT1 (18 in/46 cm), and can only swivel up to 180-degrees, but this will still allow users to show their screen to those around them.

The final model in the Elevate range is the DT3 and its design is even more unusual than the single-arm configuration of the DT1 and DT4. The DT3 is essentially a column that attaches to the front of a user's desk. Like the DT4, it is available as a single or dual monitor stand and it sets the monitors back toward the center of the user's desk, while allowing a keyboard shelf to hang over the side.

The column means that there is no swivel capability, but the DT3 can hold a weight of up to 29 lb (13 kg) in its single-monitor form or 25 lb (11 kg) in its dual monitor form. It also has a larger work surface area than both the DT1 and the DT4, at 23 x 16.3 in (58 x 41 cm).

The Elevate range of sit-to-stand desktops is available from the InMovement website, with the DT1 currently listed at US$269, the DT2 at $359, the DT3 from $499-$549 and the DT4 from $713-$758.

The video below shows the DT4 in action. There are also videos of the DT1, DT2 and DT3 on InMovement's YouTube channel.

Source: InMovement

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