Innespace's Seabreacher: cross between a dolphin and a PWC

Innespace's Seabreacher: cross...
The Seabreacher not only looks like a dolphin, it can dive and jump like one, too
The Seabreacher not only looks like a dolphin, it can dive and jump like one, too
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You can customize your own Seabreacher from USD $48,000
You can customize your own Seabreacher from USD $48,000
The Seabreacher not only looks like a dolphin, it can dive and jump like one, too
The Seabreacher not only looks like a dolphin, it can dive and jump like one, too
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Gizmag covered this amazing dolphin-like watercraft almost three years ago. At that stage, the Seabreacher - a unique submersible vessel - was just a prototype. Now, you can own your own, make like Flipper, and dive, roll and jump while staying warm and dry in the comfort of the sealed cockpit. Oh, that is, if you have a cool USD$50,000 burning a hole in your wallet.

The two-seater Seabreacher can reach cruising speeds of 40mph and underwater speeds of 20mph and can dive to approximately 5ft for brief periods. However, the vessel mostly needs to stay a few feet below the surface in order for the snorkel to stay above water. If you happen to go too deep, the engine will lose power and, due to its buoyancy, the vessel will return to the surface. There is also the chance that it will pop up backwards if you have attempted to dive too deeply and too steeply.

Designed to be operated both in fresh and salt water, the Seabreacher can be launched easily from a conventional boat ramp using a custom-built trailer.

If you tend to be a little claustrophobic, the vessel can be operated with the canopy opened and still maintain full speed above the water. Otherwise, you can be secure in the knowledge that the cockpit and engine area are kept completely watertight due to the pneumatic aircraft seals that are inflated by the pilot. If any water happens to enter, it is automatically pumped out by bilge pumps.

The Seabreacher was designed by Innespace, a California-based watercraft design company.

"After over ten years of prototyping, we have really developed a design that is very intuitive to drive, safe, and easy to service," said company co-owner and designer Rob Innes. "We want our customers, many of whom live overseas, to feel comfortable purchasing our vessels."

Innespace is currently selling custom-built Seabreachers with prices starting at USD$48,000. A more expensive customized version could include a tinted canopy, underwater viewports, electronics and instrumentation package and customized upholstery and will set you back approximately USD$68,000. You will also need to add from USD$3,000-$6,000 for shipping costs.

See Innespace for more details and boat specifications.

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Someone has been watching to much seaquest. I remember a very simillar vehicle from that TV- series. Anyway, this thing is very cool!
Dory Goldberger
Check your sources, Noland Corporation, TARCO Research and are currently the ONLY legitimate, authorized contacts for the patented VASH, Bionic Dolphin� (submersible dolphin, dolphin watercraft) technology. No licensing has been granted for entertainment, exhibitions, rides, racing, manufacturing or distribution at this point. Any claims to the contrary by Innespace productions or any other entity other than those mentioned above must be considered false and misleading.
@ Dory Goldberger: No one ever said you stole the idea from Seaquest DSV. Skipjack merely said it looked like a vehicle from the TV series that aired about 12 years ago, and I agree with the comment. Innespace is not the first entity to dream up a personal underwater craft, just the first to market it. Corporations need to relax a bit or risk alienating perspective customers.