The InSync travel case has been designed to securely transport and charge up to 16 iPads and a 13-inch laptop, simultaneously. While you may not have 16 iPads lying around for your next trip, the travel case could be a practical idea for businesses or school groups.

Designed by US-based Parat Solutions, the case features built-in Apple dock connector cables, a sync circuit board, and an external power supply that connects to any standard wall outlet (110v to 240v). The case is weather and shock resistant, so you can safely transport your iPads without any worries.

InSync is just one of a number of multi-storage products from Parat Solutions, with a range of different options that can store between 10 to 40 iPads, iPods or iPhones. The range includes a Parasync Security Cart that allows up to 40 iPads to be mounted within a portable and secure shelving unit. The unit can be locked and put away for storing and would be suitable for offices, museums or libraries.

The Parasync iPad Security Cart

The Parasync Security Enclosure locks and protects a maximum of 10 iPads and a laptop inside a steel enclosure that can be bolted to a desk or counter, while the Parasync Transport Roller is a casual portable case that can transport up to 20 iPod devices and a laptop.

The InSync hard exterior travel cases start from US$645.

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