The InTech RV Luna Lite is already one of the more impressive small camping trailers out there, a distinctive, little 1,500-lb (680-kg) teardrop with a panoramic front window and comforts like an available TV and air conditioning. InTech has now updated it into a more proper tow-anywhere off-roader. The playfully named Luna Rover debuts with a raised suspension, gear-hauling roof rack and grippy tires, preparing it to follow 4x4s off the beaten path and beyond.

The Luna Rover isn't InTech's first off-road rodeo, as the company offers a few other small off-road trailers. For instance, the creatively packaged Explore Flyer pictured just below is a combination toy hauler/camper that features a rear load ramp, dual drop-down sleeper sections to keep the interior open for storing gear and cargo, and a slide-out kitchen. That model can be equipped for either on- or off-road towing.

With the all-new Rover, InTech puts its off-road trailer building experience to work in turning the recently debuted Luna Lite into a proper off-pavement performer.

"Originally, we didn't even think to create an off-road version of Luna," explained InTech's director of RV operations Rich Schnippel just ahead of the Rover's debut last month. "We felt it was an upscale modified teardrop camper with a civilized pedigree, but customers were immediately asking for the off-road version so it was a natural transition to deliver what the public wanted."

The light, breezy Luna Lite launched back in June and serves as the basis for the Rover, sharing its interior layout and equipment. In designing the Lite, InTech stripped back some of the equipment and luxuries included on the standard Luna, cutting both price and weight. The classic Luna has a listed minimum weight of 1,700 lb (770 kg), while the Luna Lite starts in at 1,450 lb (658 kg).

The 15.5-foot (4.7-m)-long Luna Rover benefits from the same light, stripped-down build as the Luna Lite, weighing in between 1,643 and 1,770 lb (745 and 803 kg) with its burlier off-road equipment set. It relies on the same fully welded, tubular-aluminum cage frame construction as other Luna models, providing toughness from the inside out. Off-road-specific additions include the LT235/75R15 off-road tires, tubular aluminum side steps and custom-built roof rack with adjustable/removable crossbars.

InTech also adds a 2-in (51-mm) lift, boosting total ground clearance to around 14.5 in (368-mm). A Dexter torsion axle cushions the curvy body, and a mud-print graphics package finishes off the fiberglass exterior. The trailer also has a 2-in hitch receiver, adding more cargo-hauling capability.

The insulated Luna Rover interior is a cozier, upgraded teardrop-style cabin with two 29 x 78-in (74 x 198-cm) premium foam mattresses that sit side by side to create the bed. There's also a pair of integrated seats at the front, with a small table and built-in cupholders between them.

Vinyl walls with carpeted accents, tinted side windows with screens, a rear AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth/DVD stereo with dual speakers, a 32-in LED TV, an 8,000-BTU air conditioner, rear storage netting and a storage cabinet finish off the list of standard and available interior features.

If you prefer checking out the local view over watching TV, you'll want to point the Luna Rover toward the best scenery, move the tow vehicle out of the way and direct your attention to the large panoramic front window. InTech includes a snap-on protective window cover to fend off flying rocks and debris during the ride.

Out back, the curvy lift-gate pops up to reveal a bright, neatly designed kitchenette. Standard equipment here includes the 12V refrigerator on slide-out tray, stainless steel sink, dual-burner LP stove with lid, countertop space on the side, lower cabinetry and upper storage ledge with security netting. The kitchen also includes LED lighting and a pair of speakers wired to the interior head unit.

The Luna Rover is fully wired up and has LED lighting throughout, a 120V kitchen outlet and multiple 12V outlets, a 12V roof vent, a 35-amp converter/charger, and a pre-readied solar charge port. A 30-L tank holds fresh water.

We found the InTech Luna in a rather unconventional way, having seen it on the back of a carrier trailer over Labor Day weekend. It caught our attention immediately with its distinctive shape and panoramic windshield. We didn't get a hands-on look, as it was driving off, but we definitely saw it had presence - a cool-looking teardrop that we now know includes some very nice features inside and out.

InTech tells us that the Luna Rover bases between US$16,835 and $18,756 before shipping and dealer fees.

Source: InTech RV

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