Integrated storage on today's smartphones and tablets can fill up very quickly thanks to the impressive stills and video capabilities of their cameras. If your combined portable computer, personal assistant and media streamer happens to have a microSD then storage anxiety is less of a concern, especially if you can pop in the latest capacious card from the UK's Integral when it goes on sale next month.

"As a company, we are very proud to be the first to achieve the 512 GB capacity milestone in microSDXC, worldwide," said Integral's James Danton.

The card meets the Video Speed Class 10 standard for faster and more reliable storage of Full HD video captured by compatible Android smartphones and tablets, digital cameras, action cams and drones.

And the company says that the new storage card has been performance tested on a number of smartphones and has achieved up to 80 MB/s data transfer rates. That's not as fast as SanDisk's 400 GB microSD card announced in September 2017, but you do get over 100 more megabytes to fill up with photos and vids.

The 512 GB microSDXC card is scheduled for release next month for an as yet undisclosed price, though with SanDisk's 400 GB microSD card costing US$250, it's likely not going to be cheap.

Source: Integral