With home energy consumption and ways to reduce and manage it becoming an increasingly important issue, Intel has at this weeks CES shown its Intelligent Home Energy Management concept. Taking the form of a Wi-Fi enabled 11.5” touchscreen dashboard, the wall mounted system enables users to not only track their household’s monthly energy usage, but offers a host of other features like leaving video memos for other family members and a “goodbye” switch that instantly configures all appliances to their least consumptive setting – as well as reminding the user if they have left the stove on.

The Intelligent Home Energy concept uses an Intel Atom processor and is Wi-Fi and ZigBee enabled. The device provides relevant and up to the minute information on overall electricity consumption and usage patterns and users can check on their current monthly usage at any time, including a breakdown of the contribution of each appliance to the total.

More than just being an electricity bill watchdog, the wall mounted dashboard features applications similar to a smartphone, with an application store enabling further expansion of its functions to include, for example, baby monitoring and traffic updates. The device features a clock that outlines peak times to help a user switch their usage to save money, and notifications alert the user when a device in the home requires attention.

With up to 50% of home energy costs in the home attributed to heating and cooling, a built in thermostat adapts its setting based on weather, current energy price and usage patterns.

Intel is currently looking to partner with a manufacturer to bring the Intelligent Home Energy Management concept to market.

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