The expanding possibilities of wearable tech won't be enough for some to shed their Rolex in favor of the latest smartwatch, but the involvement of an esteemed fashion retailer might be enough for the more image-conscious among us to ponder life as one of the ever-connected. Aimed at bringing a new level of sophistication to an increasingly crowded market, the fashionistas at Opening Ceremony have teamed up with Intel to produce a gem-encrusted smart bracelet.

It was at CES back in January that Opening Ceremony and Intel announced plans to collaborate on the MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory) smart bracelet. With Intel handling the engineering side of things, Opening Ceremony set about sourcing exotic gems and water snake skin to give its accessory a touch of class.

One style features pearls from China and Madagascan lapis stones embedded in black water snake skin, while the other bears Russian obsidian and Tiger's Eye from South Africa on white. Both feature a curved sapphire glass touchscreen display.

Technical details are scarcer than the aforementioned stones, though Intel says the MICA bracelet will receive "SMS messages, meeting alerts and general notifications," with other functions to be revealed in time.

The MICA bracelet doesn't sit alone at this juncture of fashion and technology. Similar efforts include the Cuff range of connected bracelets, keychains and necklaces, and the stylish Vachen Smartwatch, not to mention the Apple Watch Edition with an 18-karat gold case and premium straps.

No word yet on pricing, but Opening Ceremony plans to begin selling MICA in its stores and select Barneys outlets in the US later this year.

Source: Intel

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