If you’re in a confidential meeting with the boardroom door closed, the air can get stale pretty fast. Should it be too cold outside to crack any windows, or if the room simply has no windows, then opening those isn’t a choice. That’s why Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems has teamed up with the Athmer Company to create an “intelligent door seal system.”

The seal itself is an electronically-controlled strip fastened to the bottom edge of the door, bridging the gap between the door and the floor/carpet. As long as the carbon dioxide levels in the meeting room stay within a comfortable range, that seal stays down, helping to maintain the room’s temperature by keeping the cold hallway air out.

A demo setup of Fraunhofer's door seal system

When an integrated sensor detects that CO2 levels in the room are getting too high, however, the system activates a tiny motor that allows the seal to temporarily spring open – letting fresh air in. At the same time, the system also communicates with the building’s ventilation system, causing it to draw the stale air out of the room.

Fraunhofer is now testing the system in one of its buildings, and claims that it could also be adapted to maintain humidity levels within a given indoor area.

Source: Fraunhofer

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