We've previously featured a number of devices that give players a low latency interface to the world of device-based digital tone manipulation, but each one poses something of a risk for those who like to rock out. To reduce the chances of a connected tablet or laptop flying across the room as you twirl the guitar around your body Malmsteen-style, Ion Audio has developed a wireless system called Guitarlink Air that severs the physical link between device and instrument common to products like Apogee's JAM or the AcousticLink from Alesis.

There's still at least one short cable to contend with when using Ion's new instrument interface. The Guitarlink Air system's compact and lightweight transmitter can be clipped onto a guitar strap and the cable running from it plugged into the electric guitar's 6.3 mm output jack, in much the same way as the wireless systems that allow players so much freedom on stage. Powered by standard AAA batteries, the unit sends the output using Ion's exclusive 2.4 GHz low-latency wireless signal to a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, smartphone or tablet running the user's favorite digital tone apps such as AmpliTube and Garageband.

Ion has thoughtfully included free Guitar Rig LE software, and the transmitter features a mini-USB port and output jacks - which means that you can connect the device direct to an amplifier if you so wish, or plug in some headphones for some quiet practice.

The Guitarlink Air is set for a June release for around US$60.

Product page: Guitarlink Air