What case could possibly be worthy of the iPhone X? Sure, if you've splurged US$999 on the most expensive handset Apple has ever produced, then you'll want some kind of protection for it, but what if it costs more than the phone itself?

When it comes to keeping your shiny new thousand-dollar iPhone safe and sound, you could do a lot worse than wrap it in aerospace titanium. The downside of that, of course, is that such materials don't come cheap, particularly when they are machine textured, hand-polished, individually hand-torched and laser engraved with a serial number to denote their exclusivity.

This is the opulent smartphone sheathing on offer from design firm Gray, who "ignited a rebellion" in 2015 in response to the "lack of imagination" when it comes to luxury items and bravely set out on a path "few have dared to tread."

Few would dare charge US$1,295 for a phone case, we'll give them that. That's the tag attached to the Advent Aurora, the most expensive item in its line of iPhone X cases, though they do come as cheap as $645. A 24 karat gold version, meanwhile, can be picked up for a paltry $1,145.

Isn't spending more on a protective case for a phone than you did on the phone itself kind of like catching the subway to avoid an ATM fee? Refrain from ordering one of its titanium cases, smash your iPhone X with a hammer, buy another one and bang, you'll still be up $300 and probably have more fun along the way. Then again, doing neither sounds like a perfectly good option, too.

Source: Gray

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