I’m sure there are some people out there who are able to take a perfect self-portrait with their mobile phone. Unfortunately, when most of us attempt to take one, we end up with our face off-center or blurry. The iSnapMe is a clever mirror attachment that turns your phone into a front-facing camera and helps you take the perfect shot. Now don’t stop reading just because you’re waiting on the iPhone 4 – its front-facing camera is only VGA-quality, so with iSnapMe you could make use of the 5-megapixel number on the back.

The iSnapMe accessory attaches to the back of your mobile phone over the camera. It is made from engineering plastics and optical quality glass and contains multiple mirrors which aid in moving the field of view to the side of the phone. This eliminates the camera case from the picture and using multiple mirrors corrects the orientation of the picture so if you’re wearing a shirt with writing on it, the words can be read correctly rather than backwards.

Before installing the device, you’ll need to clean the phone and the suction cups. Then lightly moisten the suction cups and ensure the small mirror is aligned with the camera. You’ll also need to press lightly on the suction cups to eliminate any air. It can be removed by simply peeling up the edge of the suction cups.

The iSnapMe was primarily designed for iPhones but will work with other phones as long as the camera lens is within 10mm (about 0.4”) of the edge of the device and there is about 50mm (about 2”) for the suction cups to attach. You can buy one for US$19.95 from iSnapMe.

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