New York-based architectural firm E/L Studio recently completed work on an "eco-friendly" beach condo based in Wildwood, New Jersey. Dubbed Jade Residence, the home boasts a great ocean view and energy-efficient technology including passive ventilation and solar power.

Jade Residence measures a total of 306 sq m (3,300 sq ft), spread over two floors. The lower floor is actually split into two rental units, while the main vacation residence is upstairs. In all, the build took a total of two years to complete and during this time E/L Studio installed several features that both save and generate electricity.

During a chat with Gizmag, E/L Studio revealed that Jade Residence features a geothermal heating and cooling system based around deep thermal wells which are buried in the ground, and a solar hot water system that provides all the necessary hot water.

The building is orientated in order to allow the prevailing breeze to pass into the interior, while automatic light monitors ensure constant diffuse natural lighting and also maximize the efficiency of the roof-based solar panels.

The house averages a temperature of roughly 12ºC (55ºF) so requires little additional heating from the on-board mechanical HVAC system, except in severe weather – and should such weather indeed strike, a hurricane-resistant rain screen has also been installed.

Source: E/L Studio

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