Jammy brings new meaning to "slide guitar"

Jammy brings new meaning to "s...
Jammy, fully extended and ready to go
Jammy, fully extended and ready to go
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Jammy, fully extended and ready to go
Jammy, fully extended and ready to go

Electric guitars generally aren't known for being compact musical instruments. There is the JamStik, although it stays shorter than a regular guitar, plus it needs to be paired with a smartphone or tablet. Jammy, however, slides out to a more normal-guitar-like length, and it can be used without an accompanying mobile electronic device.

Made by Delaware-based startup RnD64, Jammy is just 12.6 inches long (320 mm) when slid down, but stretches out to 19.6 inches (498 mm) once in use. It has real steel strings, and can output audio directly to an amp or a set of headphones.

Experienced guitarists can play it in a stand-alone Free-play mode, in which it's reportedly just like playing a regular guitar. By adding a smartphone or tablet to the mix, though, beginners can be guided through lessons via LEDs on the frets that show them where to place their fingers.

Users can also try Jamming mode, in which they play along with a virtual backing band in a musical genre of their choice, or Song mode, in which they can play the guitar section of a song selected from a list. There's additionally a Fail-proof mode, in which the software automatically corrects flubbed notes in known songs.

Jammy should be available in the fourth quarter of the year, and can be reserved via the link below. We're still waiting to hear back on pricing.

Source: Jammy

UPDATE (Sept. 18/17): Jammy is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

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1 comment
They don't list the price anywhere. Suspicious.