November 16, 2007 Aliph’s Jawbone Bluetooth headset uses military grade technology called Noise Shield, which eliminates background noise and seamlessly adjusts speaker volume throughout the call to facilitate clear, uninterrupted conversations, even in extreme environments.

An intelligent system of sensors and software continuously scan the environment and adjust at a rate of 500 times per second, constantly adapting to the surroundings while the wearer is speaking to increase audio intelligibility.

The Noise Shield technology was originally developed by Aliph for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to enhance mission critical communications in the most hostile and rugged environments. By gathering a high level of information, Jawbone is able to determine precisely when the wearer is speaking and separate their speech from the sounds around them.

With a distinct and stylish design by industrial designer Yves Béhar that has even seen the device displayed in the Museum of Modern Art (in both San Francisco and New York), the Jawbone’s perforated shield curves to match the outline of the face while the inside surface is made from medical grade plastic to provide a soft and smooth feel on the skin. Jawbone’s ergonomic design enhances acoustic performance and keeps the device lightweight, stable and comfortable. Jawbone can be worn on either ear, and can be customized to fit with the choice of four earloops and four earbuds included with the package.

“Our goal with Jawbone was to transform the mobile audio experience through exceptional design and unparalleled technology to create a truly unique consumer product. Yves’s clean, ergonomic design melds instinctively with Noise Shield technology to enhance the customer experience in every way - from the packaging to the functional simplicity and ease of use,” said Hosain Rahman, CEO, Aliph.

Featuring a 30-foot Bluetooth range with a battery life of 6 hours talk time and 120 hours of standby between rapid charges via USB or wall outlet, the Jawbone has recently been recognized by Popular Science as a 2007 “Best of What’s New” award winner. The Jawbone is available in black, red and silver at a retail price of US$119.99.

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