The same brain behind the airborne wind turbine that was acquired by Google has set his sights on a more down-to-earth goal: making just about any body of water surfable. Don Montague, former professional windsurfer, Makani Power founder and inventor, recently tried out his "Jetfoiler" on the canals of Amsterdam and sent us the video of the technically illegal urban adventure.

The Jetfoiler is different to electric jet-propelled surfboards from the likes of Lampuga or Aquila that ride on the surface of the water. Instead, it uses an electric hydrofoil to cruise along above the water's surface, magic carpet style.

''Jetfoiling is very easy, everybody can do it," says Montague. "With a remote control in your hand, you control the speed of your Jetfoiling board."

He explains that once the board has enough speed, the rider simply leans backwards and the board rises out of the water. The below video clip by Dutch filmmaker Bob van de Gronde documents Montague's urban surfing.

"We invited him to test his newest toy in the famous canals of Amsterdam," van de Gronde says. "Unfortunately the police [weren't] as enthusiastic about the idea as we were."

Montague has yet to announce any plans to make the Jetfoiler available to the public.

Source: Jetfoiler

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