The dining room table is the place where families come together to have a hearty meal and enjoy some quality time. If your family is small, you probably only need a little table most of the time. If friends and extended family come over, you might find yourself wrestling out a leaf to make your table bigger. A new design from Jullien Vidame hopes to do away with extension leaves altogether – it's a table that expands without the need for additional parts.

The table features sections of wood that are wider than they are deep and can stand straight up or lay flat on their side. When you want the table small, the wooden strips can be aligned to stand straight up with their shorter side forming the surface of the table, making the table smaller. When you need it large, pull it apart, and the strip rotate so the longer sides form the surface, and thus the table becomes bigger. The table can shrink down to as small as 31 inches (78.7 cm) and its accordion-like expansion can stretch it up to 62 inches (157.5 cm).

The table is only in the early prototype stage, so there is no release date or pricing information available. However, Vidame says he has a prototype ready for production. If it does become a purchasable reality, it could be the perfect thing to go with your FlexibleLove expanding chair.

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