May 6, 2009 It certainly looks like those who enjoy a third dimension in their onscreen entertainment will be spoilt for choice in the not-too-distant future. Following the establishment of several full-scale 3D movie production and distribution companies in 2008, Hollywood has more than 20 3D movies in the pipeline this year. In the meantime, JVC has launched a 46-inch Full HD 3D LCD monitor – initially for professional use – that will deliver "a natural, flicker-free visual experience" in 3D.

According to JVC, there is high demand for 3D monitors used in movie production, promotion and broadcasting test events. The GD-463D10 has been designed with this mind.

The GD-463D10 adopts the Xpol polarizing filter method. The Xpol method allocates images for the right and left eye to the odd and even-numbered horizontal lines of the screen. When viewed through a pair of dedicated circular polarization glasses, the image displayed on the odd numbered lines are visible to the right eye, but invisible to the left and vice versa for the even numbered lines.

JVC says that there is no flicker, which can be visible in systems using LCD shutter glasses, since both right and left images are displayed on the screen at the same time. Also, since the system relies on polarizing lens, there is also no need to power the glasses. Besides the line-by-line method, the GD-463D10 also supports the side-by-side method, which arranges the left and right images on the both sides of the screen.

The GD-463D10’s three HDMI input terminals are compatible with standard HD video signals, including 1080/24p, 50p, 60p, 50i and 60i. Input signals in line-by-line, or side-by-side, format can be displayed as 3D images with the 50i and 60i signals limited to the side-by-side method only.

JVC is planning to manufacture 2,000 units a year worldwide. While they will initially be targeted at those involved in the production and promotion of 3D movies, JVC sees future applications for the 3D monitor in fields that rely heavily on simulation, such as science, medicine and education.

The GD-463D10 comes with two pairs of battery-free, light-polarizing glasses and is due for release in July. The price is yet to be announced.

Darren Quick